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Mail Permit Options:

Here are the most commonly used mailing permits, otherwise known as mail indicia. These permits make it easier and more cost effective to process your mail. As a customer, you are welcome to use any of our mailing permits free of charge.

 PRESORT STANDARD: Less expensive, but slower than First Class mail. (Mail delivered in 3 to 7 days.
 NON-PROFIT: Non-profit organizations get special rates and can use this permit.
 PRESORT FIRST CLASS: Lowest possible rate for First Class Service, (Mail Delivered in 2 to 4 Days.

Our state of the art Facilities can handle virtually any type of Mail Piece whether you have a Personalized Mail Merge Letter that requires Folding and Inserting into Envelopes, or a Variable Data Print / Mail Job that will personalize each direct mail piece so the piece will look as if it's been expressly designed and printed for each prospective customer.

DataMasters has all of the solutions available that will ensure the maximum effectiveness of your Direct Mail Campaign. Please contact us with any questions regarding your Print/Mail Job call us at; 713 -447-3996, Text or email us at 

Our Permits: